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A Scoping Review of Older LGBTI People's Experiences of Homecare

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Abstract:  Amidst the global growth of the ageing demographic in the world, an inclusive assessment of the care needs of the older lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) population is receiving increasing attention, especially in view of reported health inequalities for these minority groups and the position of their sexual orientations and gender identities within a predominantly heteronormative health and social system. This literature review aims to identify and analyse previous research on older LGBTI people’s views, experiences, and perceptions of homecare provision. We searched the CINAHL, Medline, and PsychINFO databases and found a total of 337 records. After an eligibility assessment, 12 studies were selected, comprising 11 qualitative studies, and one mixed methods study. Under an overarching theme of fears of discrimination and of receiving suboptimal care, we further categorised our findings in the following three interlinked subthemes: (a) disclosure of gender identity and sexual orientation; (b) emerging meanings of LGBTI‐competent care; and (c) recommendations for improved quality of LGBTI‐friendly services. The overall surfacing outcome of our analysis of the participants’ experiences described in the studies examined is an aspiration for homecare services ensuring quality of holistic, person‐centred care that recognises this population’s distinct set of requirements, including knowledge and consideration of their histories of inequalities and oppression. Wider awareness about the need to re‐imagine more inclusive care for the LGBTI community has the potential to improve services and practices, reduce access barriers, and prevent inequalities.

Keywords:  ageing; healthcare; homecare; LGBTI; prevention; scoping review



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