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Urban Shrinkage, Degrowth, and Sustainability: How Do They Connect in Urban Planning?

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Academic Editors: Marco Bontje (University of Amsterdam), Joop de Kraker (Maastricht University / Open Universiteit), and Christian Scholl (Maastricht University)


Table of Contents

Can Acceptance of Urban Shrinkage Shift Planning Strategies of Shrinking Cities From Growth to De-Growth?
Marjan Marjanović, Marcelo Sagot Better, Nikola Lero and Zorica Nedović-Budić
Article | Open Access | Published: 5 March 2024
Shrinking Cities for Economic Growth? Insights From the Housing Sector
António Ferreira, Kim C. von Schönfeld, Fanny Augis and Paulo Conceição
Article | Open Access | Published: 24 April 2024
Enabling Multiple Outcomes: Strategic Spatial Planning in a Shrinking City-Region
Janne Oittinen and Raine Mäntysalo
Article | Open Access | Published: 3 May 2024
Does Reduced Space Result in Fewer Rights? Controlled Shrinking in the Urban Renewal of Genoa
Agim Kërçuku
Article | Open Access | Published: 10 May 2024
Upwind Despite Headwind? Degrowth Transformations Amidst Shrinkage and Eroding Democracy in an East German Small Town
Anton Brokow-Loga and Frank Eckardt
Article | Open Access | Published: 15 May 2024
The Shrinking City as a Testing Ground for Urban Degrowth Practices
Maurice Hermans, Joop de Kraker and Christian Scholl
Article | Open Access | Published: 22 May 2024