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ISSN: 2183-2803

Multidisciplinary Studies in Social Inclusion

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Academic Editor: Ulf R. Hedetoft (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)


Table of Contents

Social Inclusion: Inaugural Editorial
Ulf R. Hedetoft
Editorial | Open Access | Published: 26 February 2013
Identifying the Barriers to Women's Agency in Domestic Violence: The Tensions between Women's Personal Experiences and Systemic Responses
Jo Aldridge
Article | Open Access | Published: 9 April 2013
Challenging Racist Violence and Racist Hostility in 'Post-Racial' Times: Research and Action in Leeds, UK, 2006–2012
Ian Law, Jenny Simms and Ala Sirriyeh
Article | Open Access | Published: 22 April 2013
The "Idle No More" Movement: Paradoxes of First Nations Inclusion in the Canadian Context
Terry Wotherspoon and John Hansen
Article | Open Access | Published: 18 July 2013
Disability and Health: A Research Agenda
Hasheem Mannan and Malcolm MacLachlan
Review | Open Access | Published: 12 August 2013
Social Capital and Stratification of Young People
Alireza Behtoui
Article | Open Access | Published: 12 August 2013
Social Class and Social Capital in China and Britain: A Comparative Study
Yaojun Li
Article | Open Access | Published: 16 August 2013
A Neo-Rawlsian Approach to Residential Integration
Kevin J. Brown
Article | Open Access | Published: 29 August 2013