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Urban Planning (ISSN: 2183-7635) is an international peer-reviewed open access journal of urban studies aimed at advancing understandings and ideas of humankind’s habitats.

Editors: Luca D’Acci (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Andrew Hudson-Smith (University College London) and Steffen Lehmann (University of Portsmouth) (see full Editorial Board).

Open Access: free to read and share, with an article processing charge for accepted papers to offset production costs (more details here)

Urban Planning is accepting proposals for themed issues. Scholars interested in editing an issue that falls within the aims and scope of the journal and can be accessed free of charge by any reader are encouraged to contact the journal's editorial office at up@cogitatiopress.com

Latest Publications

Urban Forms and Future Cities: A Commentary
Shlomo Angel
Commentary | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v2i1.863 | Publication date: 2017/02/20
Climate Change: Implications for the Assumptions, Goals and Methods of Urban Environmental Planning
Kristina Hill
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i4.771 | Publication date: 2016/12/29
City Labs as Vehicles for Innovation in Urban Planning Processes
Christian Scholl and René Kemp
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i4.749 | Publication date: 2016/12/28
Post-Colonial Urban Development and Planning in Cyprus: Shifting Visions and Realities of Early Suburbia
Byron Ioannou
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i4.768 | Publication date: 2016/12/23
Assessing Threats and Conservation Status of Historical Centers of Oak Richness in California
Kelly Jane Easterday , Patrick J McIntyre , James H Thorne , Maria J Santos and Maggi Kelly
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i4.726 | Publication date: 2016/12/13
Using Systematic Observations to Understand Conditions that Promote Interracial Experiences in Neighbourhood Parks
Amy Hillier , Bing Han , Theodore S. Eisenman , Kelly R. Evenson , Thomas L. McKenzie and Deborah A. Cohen
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i4.756 | Publication date: 2016/12/09
Clumsy City by Design—A Theory for Jane Jacobs’ Imperfect Cities?
Sarah Maria Schmitt and Thomas Hartmann
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i4.732 | Publication date: 2016/12/07
Shifting Approaches to Planning Theory: Global North and South
Vanessa Watson
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i4.727 | Publication date: 2016/12/06
Re-Thinking Housing: From Physical Manifestation of Colonial Planning Policy to Community-Focused Networks
Shelagh McCartney
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i4.737 | Publication date: 2016/12/02
The Potential of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) in Future Transport Systems
Maria Attard , Muki Haklay and Cristina Capineri
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i4.612 | Publication date: 2016/11/16
The Death and Life of Collaborative Planning Theory
Robert Goodspeed
Commentary | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i4.715 | Publication date: 2016/11/14
Sustainability Planning as Paradigm Change
Stephen M. Wheeler
Commentary | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i3.740 | Publication date: 2016/11/09
Governing Uncertainties in Sustainable Energy Transitions—Insights from Local Heat Supply in Switzerland
Basil Bornemann , Stephan Schmidt and Susanne Schubert
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i3.673 | Publication date: 2016/11/04
Cool City Design: Integrating Real-Time Urban Canyon Assessment into the Design Process for Chinese and Australian Cities
Marcus White , Youpei Hu , Nano Langenheim , Wowo Ding and Mark Burry
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i3.646 | Publication date: 2016/09/12
The Role of Planning in Minimizing the Negative Impacts of Global Climate Change
Bjoern Hagen
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i3.671 | Publication date: 2016/09/09
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