Social Inclusion is a quarterly peer-reviewed open access journal, which provides academics and policy-makers with a forum to discuss and promote a more socially inclusive society.

Open Access Journal | ISSN: 2183-2803

Social Inclusion (ISSN: 2183-2803) is a peer-reviewed open access journal which provides academics and policy-makers with a forum to discuss and promote a more socially inclusive society.

Editor: Ulf R. Hedetoft, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (see full Editorial Board)

Open Access: free to read and share, with an article processing charge for accepted papers to offset production costs (more details here)

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Latest Publications

“I Like to Play with My Friends”: Children with Spina Bifida and Belonging in Uganda
Femke Bannink , Richard Idro and Geert van Hove
Article | Social Inclusion | Doi: 10.17645/si.v4i1.630 | Publication date: 2016/06/08
Does a Rise in Income Inequality Lead to Rises in Transportation Inequality and Mobility Practice Inequality?
Joko Purwanto
Article | Social Inclusion | Doi: 10.17645/si.v4i3.485 | Publication date: 2016/06/07
Mobility, Transport and Social Inclusion: Lessons from History
Colin Pooley
Article | Social Inclusion | Doi: 10.17645/si.v4i3.461 | Publication date: 2016/06/07
Bicycle and Car Share Schemes as Inclusive Modes of Travel? A Socio-Spatial Analysis in Glasgow, UK
Julie Clark and Angela Curl
Article | Social Inclusion | Doi: 10.17645/si.v4i3.510 | Publication date: 2016/06/07
The Quest for Gender-Sensitive and Inclusive Transport Policies in Growing Asian Cities
Marie Thynell
Article | Social Inclusion | Doi: 10.17645/si.v4i3.479 | Publication date: 2016/06/07
Transport and Access to Inclusive Education in Mashonaland West Province, Zimbabwe
Maria Kett and Marcella Deluca
Article | Social Inclusion | Doi: 10.17645/si.v4i3.502 | Publication date: 2016/06/07
Framing Social Inclusion as a Benchmark for Cycling-Inclusive Transport Policy in Kisumu, Kenya
Walter Alando and Joachim Scheiner
Article | Social Inclusion | Doi: 10.17645/si.v4i3.546 | Publication date: 2016/06/07
Perceived Accessibility of Public Transport as a Potential Indicator of Social Inclusion
Katrin Lättman , Margareta Friman and Lars E. Olsson
Article | Social Inclusion | Doi: 10.17645/si.v4i3.481 | Publication date: 2016/06/07
The Effect of Transport Accessibility on the Social Inclusion of Wheelchair Users: A Mixed Method Analysis
Raquel Velho , Catherine Holloway , Andrew Symonds and Brian Balmer
Article | Social Inclusion | Doi: 10.17645/si.v4i3.484 | Publication date: 2016/06/07
Supporting a Design Driven Approach to Social Inclusion and Accessibility in Transport
Russell Marshall , Steve Summerskill , Keith Case , Amjad Hussain , Diane Gyi , Ruth Sims , Andrew Morris and Jo Barnes
Article | Social Inclusion | Doi: 10.17645/si.v4i3.521 | Publication date: 2016/06/07
Transport Policy and Social Inclusion
Miriam Ricci , Graham Parkhurst and Juliet Jain
Editorial | Social Inclusion | Doi: 10.17645/si.v4i3.668 | Publication date: 2016/06/07
How a Collective Trauma Influences Ethno-Religious Relations of Adolescents in Present-Day Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Merima Šehagić
Article | Social Inclusion | Doi: 10.17645/si.v4i2.497 | Publication date: 2016/04/19
Religious Education in Russia: Inter-Faith Harmony or Neo-Imperial Toleration?
Elena Lisovskaya
Article | Social Inclusion | Doi: 10.17645/si.v4i2.509 | Publication date: 2016/04/19
Negotiating Social Inclusion: The Catholic Church in Australia and the Public Sphere
Andrew P. Lynch
Article | Social Inclusion | Doi: 10.17645/si.v4i2.500 | Publication date: 2016/04/19
Participation and Sharing, or Peaceful Co-Existence? Visions of Integration among Muslims in Switzerland
Michael Nollert and Amir Sheikhzadegan
Article | Social Inclusion | Doi: 10.17645/si.v4i2.499 | Publication date: 2016/04/19
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